Copart Review – Is a Scam



Copart Review – Is a Scam?  


The Copart review shows that this is an auction website that s dedicated to buying and selling cars. The bidding service is open to anyone in the US but may be prohibited in some states. In those states you can hire a broker to bid for you. There are some deals to be had here although seems to be a more popular choice for finding a good deal on a vehicle. 


This website has been around for awhile but has been open to the public for the last few years. It was originally open only to brokers and dealers. You can find some good deals on this site but you should know that the cars are largely coming from insurance situation. This means that most of the vehicles that you find here have either been stolen and trashed or in some sort of accident.  




The review shows that registration is free and allows you to buy one vehicle with a value up to $1000. If you want to buy a car that has a higher value than you need to opt in for the premier membership option which will cost you $200 plus a fully refundable $400 deposit. If you are interested in expanding your buying power you have to be able to provide a business license. 


Basically to get your foot in the door you have to lay out $600 which may be worth it if you can find a car that is worth the money. If you live nearby the storage facility you will have the opportunity to view the inventory before the auction day. If you do not live nearby you can pay a licensed mechanic to go take a look for you.  


The Website  


The Copart review shows that the website is relatively easy to use. It is well laid out and the vehicles that are being auctioned are broken down into categories.  


The contact information that is provided is comprehensive. There is a phone number posted for different departments and emails.  


What Other People Have To Say 


On a car buying forum a user posted a question about the validity of “I didn't realize they opened up auctioning to the public. However, I worked with them closely in the insurance biz and they pretty much deal with insurance salvage. I'd reckon that any complete car in relatively good condition was likely a theft recovery (that occurred after the settlement was made with the insured). Most will probably be in decent shape, and depending on how the vehicle was stolen, may require some minor repairs (locks, ignition, etc).” 


 I would say this is a reliable site that you can use to find a decent deal on a car. If you have the two hundred dollars to invest in searching for a car than it may be well worth the effort, although dealers will benefit most from this site.  


Subscription Price: $200 

Number of Items: Hundreds 

Geography: Nationwide 


Overall, the Copart review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however seems to be a more popular choice for finding a good deal on a vehicle. 





























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Best Live Penny Auction Websites  


The best live penny auction websites are numerous. The penny auction phenomena has really taken hold of the online community. Penny auctions promise huge savings on much sought after items. Read the Copart review before bidding at any penny auction website to find out if it is a copart scam or not. 


Taking things up a notch to keep folks interested has birthed the live penny auction. There is something more exciting about bidding in real time and consumers certainly seem to be more intrigued by these live penny auction sites.  


The best live penny auction websites are the sites that are rated high by consumers. Although the rating system may be a little skewed, because lets face it if you win you are far more likely to rate the site highly and if you lose well you know how that is going to go. By reading the copart review you will see if is a scam or not. 




Typically rating systems are fair. When discovering the best live penny auction websites most people are not asked about winning or losing what they are asked about are things like; ease of use, stock of items, direction provided, customer support and things of that nature.  


One of the most prevalent things consumers look for in their rating is customer support. Every one wants to know that the site is legitimate and one of the sure fire ways to determine that  is by how customer support reacts.  


If a site does not have a phone number to call with questions and only offers up an online contact form you can bet that the site is not going to be among the best penny auction websites.  


Some Reliable Sites 


There are some tried and true sites that are considered among the best penny auction websites. These sites have been highly rated by consumers like yourself as reliable and interesting sites.  


The top five best sites are: 


Using one of the sites listed above to attend a  live penny auction will insure that you are visiting a site that is highly rated and that offers you a real chance of winning. This list is only a small sampling of what is available there are numerous sites that will offer you the best live penny auction websites.  


Primarily the majority of what is best is based on personal opinion you may be able to find a site that is not listed and consider it best, it is all about personal preference.  


The Last Word 


Penny auctions are a form of entertainment where you have the opportunity to win  and save some money. The best penny auction websites are going to enhance the entertainment value while increasing your odds of winning.  


Go bid and have some fun! Read the reviews to find out if copart is a scam or not. 





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